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dessert menu


Meringue cake served with vanilla ice cream and cream, topped with fresh fruit of the season

Torta della Nonna...£4.25
Rich & creamy custard filling topped with pine nuts and lined with pastry

Sticky Toffee Pudding...£4.25

A light sponge with a creamy toffee sauce served with cream and vanilla ice cream

Delicious Italian vanilla ice cream with a selection of sauces



Soft pastries filled with a cream, served with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and cream

With a short crust pastry base, served with cream, decorated with fruits of the season

Tiramisu Della Casa...£4.25
Layers of sponge soaked with liquor & coffee, filled with mascarpone cheese, coffee cream with rich cocoa powder & chocolate sauce

Lemon Sorbet...£4.25
Refreshing dessert with a lemon flavour

Banana Split...£4.25
Banana served with chocolate sauce, cream, vanilla ice cream, decorated with fruits of the season

Chocolate Fudge Cake...£4.25
A rich moist chocolate sponge layered with fudge & coated in a wonderfully smooth chocolate fudge icing. Served warm with vanilla ice cream and cream

Terra Nostra Sweet Platter £14.95
Fine selection of four desserts