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The wines that appear on our deluxe wine selection have been especially selected with you in mind.

We are sure you will be able to find a wine to your taste, but if you require any advice on selecting a wine to accompany your meal, please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff.


House Rosé...£11.95
Produced in Piermonte using a blend of grape varieties creating an
easy-drinking wine that is light, fresh and fruity.


Della Casa Bianco...£11.95
Della Casa Bianco is bursting with fresh fruits on the nose and on
the palate. Perfect for any time of day.

Frascati Superiore Dry DOC...£16.95
One of Italy’s most popular wines. It’s light in body and pale gold in
colour. Frascati has a fine bouquet and delicate aroma, crisp on the
palate with a pleasant aftertaste. A wine for all occasions.

Orvieto Classico Amabile DOC...£16.95
Bright gold in colour, strong bouquet of wild flowers, honey and
musk with a hint of bitter almonds. Sweet to the palate, soft, fresh
flavour with a delightful aftertaste of ripe fruit.

Pinot Grigio ‘Sortesele’ IGT...£17.95
This wine is bright straw yellow in colour with copper tones, with a
delicate bouquet of honey and exotic fruits, dry and soft to the palate
with an aftertaste of ripe fruits and walnuts.

Vermentino DOCG...£18.95
Straw yellow with greenish hues and an aromatic and elegant
bouquet. A fine wine for any time of the day.

Sauvignon Sicilia ‘Cataldo’IGT...£17.95
Straw yellow with greenish hues and an aromatic and elegant
bouquet. A fine wine for any time of the day.


Della Casa Rosso...£11.95
Medium red wine
Perfect for any time of the day.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riparosso...£18.95
Riparosso is ruby red in colour with violet highlights when young,
the bouquet is full of red fruits and is pleasantly persistent. On the
palate it is deep, full, round and harmonious with a hint of liquorice.

Nero d’Avola Torre ‘Saracena’ IGT...£16.95
Beautiful deep red wine. Dense and concentrated. Big, beefy,
cherry and prune flavour with refreshing acidity. Rich and ripe
with plenty of spicy fruit.

Valpolicella Classico ‘Le Caleselle’ DOC...£17.95
This wine is ruby red in colour with intense and complex bouquet
which recalls bitter almonds, violet and spices, dry and full to the
palate, with an elegant aftertaste of cherries.

Cannonau ‘Le Bombarde’ DOC...£19.95
The wine is a high alcohol level and a high acid content, which are
refined through ageing in oak barrels and in the bottle. Cannonau is
bright ruby red in colour with an intense and highly polished aroma;
it is round, dry, warm and velvety on the palate, vigorous and
harmonious with well-balanced tattins throughout.

Chianti Classico ‘Granaio’ DOCG...£20.95
Ruby red in colour complex bouquet with hints of jam and fruits of
the forest and hints of cloves, dry, full, pleasantly tannic with an
elegant aftertaste of toasted almonds and oak.

Cannonau Riserva DOC...£24.95
This aristocratic red has been aged in oak for three years. It is rustic
red in colour with an abundance of fruity notes and violet scent.
Intense and great with lamb.

Barolo DOCG...£36.95
Barolo is known as the ‘king of wines’. Distinguished by its ruby red
colour and tannin content which gradually gives way through skillful
maturing in wood to a soft velvety, delicate flavour.

Amarone della Valpolicella DOC...£44.95
Deep garnet red in colour, an intense bouquet with hints of plums
and spices, dry and full to the palate with an aftertaste of toasted


Prosecco (200ml)...£5.00/ By the glass... £3.80

Asti Spumante (Sweet)...£17.95

Prosecco (Dry)...£20.95

House Champagne...£32.95